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Pollution Prevention and Toxics

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  2. 17692Are nanomaterials regarded as "chemical substances"?
  3. 16273Do test results from a certified renovator using an EPA recognized test kit (40 CFR § 745.83) or performing paint chip sampling (40 CFR § 745.82) become an official part of the lead-based paint testing record for that house thus negating the need for a certified lead inspector or certified lead risk assessor to conduct the inspection in that area of the house? Can a certified renovator conduct a complete lead-based paint inspection and give the property owner as an inspection report?
  4. 16219How much will it cost contractors to comply with the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule?
  5. 15186Is it a violation of the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP) for a homeowner to hire a firm that is not certified?
  6. 14257Why do water systems add phosphate to drinking water? What are the health effects of drinking water containing phosphates?
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  2. 4/17/2014I operate a renovation firm and I have heard that my state will adopt its own lead Renovation, Repair and Painting program. Do I have to also be certified by EPA?
  3. 8/16/2013I’m an accredited training provider. Can the final course assessment to be administered in an “open book” format?
  4. 8/16/2013I’m a training provider and have been accredited for the renovator refresher course. If a renovator takes the refresher course early (i.e., before their previous certification has expired), would the new certification be valid for five years from the date of training, or five years from the date that the previous certification expires?
  5. 8/16/2013I’m a certified renovator and am planning to take refresher training course soon to keep my certification current. How long will my new certification last?
  6. 1/4/2013May I as a training provider issue a certificate without a picture to a trainee who has successfully completed the course but objects to having his or her picture taken (or objects to possessing a photograph of him/herself) on religious grounds?

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