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How does a submitter determine the Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CASRN) for a chemical substance and what if the submitter can’t find it?

Submitters must use the Agency’s Substance Registry Services (SRS) to report the chemical substance identification information consisting of the currently correct Chemical Abstracts (CA) Index Name and the correct corresponding Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number (CASRN). The SRS is EPA’s central system for information about chemical substances that are tracked or regulated by EPA or other sources. It is the authoritative resource for basic information about chemicals, biological organisms, and other chemical substances of interest to EPA and its state and tribal partners. However, submitters of Inventory-listed substances should generally know already what CASRNs have been assigned to their substances.

Submitters will be able to connect directly to the SRS database from the CDR reporting tool to report the correct CA Index Names and CASRNs for all non-confidential chemical substances on the TSCA Inventory. TSCA Accession Numbers and generic chemical names will be listed in the SRS for chemical substances on the confidential portion of the TSCA Inventory. The use of the SRS to obtain the identities for all CDR reportable chemical substances is a convenient way to meet the chemical nomenclature requirement and will help to prevent errors in the reporting of chemical identification information for the CDR. See further discussion on the use of SRS in the Instructions document.

Every non-confidential chemical substance reported in accordance with CDR must be accompanied by its correct CASRN, corresponding to the chemical substance’s correct, specific chemical name. (40 CFR 711.the chemical substance (Block 2.A.4) to select the appropriate CASRN/Chemical Abstracts (CA) Index Name combination from the SRS database. To report a substance on the confidential Inventory, the TSCA Accession Number must be submitted as the chemical 15(b)(3)(i)). Submitters may enter either a CASRN (Block 2.A.2) or the specific name of identifying number.

Need more help? Visit EPA's Chemical Data Reporting webpage at epa.gov/cdr or contact EPA'sTSCA Hotline at tsca-hotline@epa.gov or 202-554-1404.


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