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Frequent Questions

Lead Abatement, Risk Assessment and Inspection

  1. Applicability
  2. Can a rental property owner perform lead abatement on an unoccupied residential property without meeting the abatement training and certification requirements?
  3. Does TSCA section 402 apply to U.S. military bases, facilities, and installations located outside of the U.S.?
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  1. Definition of Abatement
  2. Immediately following the completion of renovation activities, a company conducts a clearance examination which reveals dust levels above the clearance standard. Is removal of dust to address the failure of this clearance examination considered abatement?
  3. What is the definition of abatement? How do I determine if a particular activity is a regulated abatement activity?
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  1. Application and Third-Party Exam
  2. Can a supervisor carry out worker activities?
  3. Does a supervisor need to be certified as a worker to conduct lead-based paint activities normally conducted by certified workers?
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  1. Training and Certification
  2. Are there any special requirements for the passport photos?
  3. Besides the initial training course, what are the education, experience and training requirements for each discipline?
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  1. Refresher Training and Recertification
  2. For initial certification, the Federal program allows individuals to obtain their training through either the Federal program or a Federally authorized State or Tribal Program. When applying for recertification in the Federal program, what types of accreditation are acceptable for refresher courses?
  3. In some areas of the country, refresher courses are offered infrequently. Can an individual applying for recertification lead-based paint activity discipline re-take an initial course instead of taking a refresher course?
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  1. Training Providers
  2. Can a training provider that is accredited only in a Federal program state teach a course at a location in an authorized State that would lead to certification in the Federal program?
  3. Can a training provider that is accredited only in an authorized State teach a course in an out-of-state location that would lead to certification in the authorized State?
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  1. Definition of Soil Sample
  2. Are there any American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards that EPA considers “documented methodologies”?
  3. The definition of “soil sample” at 40 CFR §745.63 relies on certain American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards. Did EPA intend to prevent the use of EPA and HUD standards for soil samples?
  1. Definition of Wipe Sample
  2. The definition of “wipe sample” relies on two very specific American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards. In referencing the ASTM standards, did EPA intend to prevent the use of EPA and HUD standards for wipe samples?
  1. Hazard Determination
  2. Did the final TSCA section 403 rule say who may make a hazard determination?
  3. Do EPA’s current rules require inspectors, risk assessors, dust sampling technicians, or any individual who performs lead-based paint and/or lead dust sampling to document any visible lead-based paint deterioration on components and estimate the surface area of deteriorating paint during a lead evaluation?

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